Small cakes, big impact

Our mission

Eating better for our well-being and for the planet that’s our primary mission!

At Nats Rawline, we aim to prove it’s possible to treat yourself while eating healthily. But above all, it’s important to get back to basics, listen to your body and enjoy the present moment – surrounded by positive and inspiring people if possible.
The goal? Offering healthy, stress-free, affordable treats while preserving our planet’s riches. Because good food isn’t just better for our health, it also helps make sure the world’s resources go further.

Our value

More than just vegan and gluten-free cakes and a funny logo, above all Nats Rawline is all about four values that we cherish, promoting beauty, goodness and health without compromise.

Entrepreneurship with a conscience

At Nats Rawline, we cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurship that feeds our quest for innovation and growth. We empower our team to think creatively, take calculated risks and seize new opportunities. For us, entrepreneurship isn’t just an attitude to business; it’s a mindset that encourages initiative, adaptability and the never-ending pursuit of excellence. Creating, adapting and innovating ethically, consciously and compassionately for the good of people and nature is what guides our steps in this quest for pleasure, quality and well-being.

Maintaining trust and transparency

Integrity is our cornerstone. To achieve it, we set ourselves the highest ethical standards, guaranteeing transparency and honesty in all our interactions with our partners. At every level of our organisation, from the leadership to the team members, we are committed to doing what is right and meaningful.

A deliciously sustainable strategy

Sustainability is at the heart of our DNA. Our mission to make a positive contribution to society is reflected in our 100% vegan gourmet products, which respect the health of our consumers and our planet, and which we make accessible for everyday consumption.

This vision is also illustrated in our commitment to move towards greater sustainability in our daily decision-making and operations. This includes a more responsible supply chain, monitoring our carbon footprint, controlling our waste, the importance of well-being and discussion with our consumers.

We aren’t perfect, and our quest for greater sustainability is a long-term project. But, by emphasising these initiatives, Nats Rawline aims to create positive change for the long-term health of our consumers and our planet.

A healthy lifestyle or nothing

Through our products, we aim to encourage well-being and a healthy lifestyle. Nats raw cakes and snacks are made with nourishing, natural ingredients that represent the best of what nature has to offer.

Well-being is central to our vision, and we are committed to promoting a culture of empathy and balance through our activities and operations. A healthy, balanced workforce is essential for sustainable success, and our team’s happiness lies at the core of our priorities.

Our ethics

At Nats Rawline, our values embody our commitment and imbue every aspect of our business practices with respect for these principles:

Business ethics

Respect for the law

We are committed to respecting all local laws and proscribe any form of corruption or unethical practices.


We are committed to transparency about our performance in terms of both employment and the environment, and to communicating honestly about our journey, our strengths and our weaknesses.

Respect for people 


We are committed to respecting human rights in all our operations and proscribe all forms of discrimination, forced labour and child labour while guaranteeing equitable pay and healthy, fair working conditions


We promote a healthy lifestyle through our products, but also by guaranteeing a safe, fulfilling working environment for our teams.   

Respect for the planet

Our impact

We are committed to acting as a responsible company by doing everything we can to manage, measure and minimise our environmental impact.