“Nats Rawline is a range of raw, vegan snacks that everyone’s crazy about. But above all, it’s a highly personal project with the overarching goal of bringing pleasure to people and helping to preserve our mental and physical health as well as our beautiful natural world.”

When delicious rhymes with nutritious

At Nats Rawline, we emphasise plant-based ingredients with nothing artificial. Enthusiastically concocted in our cutting-edge kitchen in Liège (Belgium), our raw cakes, energy balls, vegan caramel squares, cereal bars and feather-light mousses are made with 100%-natural ingredients with no processing, preserving all the benefits of the vitamins and nutrients. Free of preservatives, colourings, lactose and gluten, they are the perfect snacks for vegan gourmets, gluten-free freaks and dairy-free addicts. Once you try, there’s no going back!

“At Nats Rawline, our sweet treats are served guilt-free. Our goal? To offer 100% taste with 0% regrets.”

A 100% original proposition

A world away from traditional desserts, constantly exploring new textures and flavours to astound fans of gourmet pleasures, our creativity is an unlimited adventure of taste. Goodbye artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives! Our snacks only have room for top-quality fresh, natural ingredients. Our goal? To promote a healthy, sustainable, responsible lifestyle and, naturally, to keep it affordable.

“All Nats Rawline products are made with 100% pure ingredients that nourish the body and the spirit.”

Ingredients with life-giving benefits

Dried fruits, nuts, coconut milk and oil, dates and oily seeds… All these jewels of the natural world are overflowing with nutrients such as iron, manganese, copper and fibre, all essential to keep our bodies running smoothly. But their beneficial effects are not limited to our physical health – they also have a positive impact on our mood and well-being.

The Nats Rawline revolution? Throughout our production processes, we never exceed 46°C, retaining all the nutritional qualities of our ingredients and delivering an immediate boost of energy!

Did you know?

Raw food encourages optimum digestion, restful sleep and heightened concentration while cultivating unparalleled inner serenity. Cooking foods above 46°C degrades the fibre, vitamins and minerals in the ingredients, depriving them of their virtues. Free of gluten, lactose and preservatives, our sweet treats and snacks are the perfect alternative to traditional desserts. Maximum pleasure for all ages.